Headshot Prices

Headshot Laboratory is based at Cog Creative Space in Norwood, Adelaide. Run by principal photographer Sam Oster, the studio specialises in quality headshots for professionals. Headshot Laboratory is endorsed by many of Adelaide's leading agencies, and Sam maintains her skills as part of the International Headshot Crew program, run by Peter Hurley (USA). Sam works with a range of hair & makeup artists, and an assistant when necessary, and together they make up a highly professional team. We aim to craft effective headshots that allow subjects to exude character, charm, confidence and approachability.


Our studio is comfortable and fully equipped with professional equipment. We have a clothing rack for your wardrobe options, a change room and make-up area, and a comfortable kitchen and lounge to enjoy a coffee or tea and a chat before your session.

The studio boasts a record player with a range of fun & quirky records to play during the session. We can also play your selected playlist of favourite tunes - bring in an i-device, or share your Spotify playlist. Shoots are tethered to a large screen so that clients can see the results as we shoot, and subjects are empowered to collaborate in the shoot to get the most effective range of genuine expressions and interesting looks. We also use a mirror during the session so you can check for stray hairs or defiant collars! It's the small things that count.


Performer / Professional / Individual

Michelle - Adelaide Headshot Photographer Sam Oster  - actor's headshot - Michelle

BASIC $295 + GST

* 1-1.5 hour shoot
* 1 background
* 1-2 looks (clothing / hair)
* secure web gallery for selections

* 2 images retouched & delivered via Dropbox (hi-res / web) – extras available


* 1.5-2.5 hour shoot
* 2 backgrounds
* 2-3 looks (clothing / hair)
* secure web gallery for selections
* 4 images retouched & delivered via Dropbox (hi-res / web) – extras available


* 2.5-3.5 hour shoot
* 2-3 backgrounds
* 4 looks (clothing / hair)
* Full length options
* secure web gallery for selections
* 6 images retouched delivered via Dropbox (hi-res / web) – extras available (see below)
* Images also delivered on disc
* Colour & B&W versions supplied


* Hair / Make up Artist $160 - $330 depending on requirements
* Extra images retouched and delivered High Resolution -

- $44 per image / $11 for a B&W version of delivered files

* Images delivered on disc $11 / on USB $27.50
* Location Shoot - quoted as required

Headshot Laboratory offers an exceptional corporate service for busy professionals. We offer competitive prices for in-house or on location shoots for small businesses and large corporations. We can handle teams as small as 3 and as large as 300. Click here to go to our Corporate Services page..