Headshot Ready

I am aware that the majority of people out there are really uncomfortable about booking in for a headshot session. There are many reasons that the idea of a headshot shoot fills so many people with absolute terror. I do have a list of why it is so terrifying, but I'm not silly enough to list it here as I want to encourage rather than discourage you from getting your headshot done! Please read on - this is an important issue to tackle and I really want to take you on a bit of a journey through this little challenge.

Having been a photographer for well over 20 years, I can say from my experience that it is a very rare breed of human that enjoys the idea of being photographed. No matter how fabulous the person, being photographed is most likely a confronting and uncomfortable experience. I'm going to risk my own statistic here - I'd say that 92% of people DO NOT like the idea of being photographed, or find it personally challenging in some way. I'm not talking about the snapshot that occurs at a party, or the snug-shoulder-gather that results in a line of smiles with friends. I'm talking about being photographed in a considered way by a professional photographer. Most people that walk into my 'studio' (actual or location) express some form of trepidation about what is about to occur. 100% of people walk out saying that it was actually a really great experience, and I'd really like to get more people to feel OK about rocking up in the first place.

It may be enough for me to say to you some of these things:

"Don't worry, it will be fine"

"You'll have fun, I promise"

"Hey, we just drink coffee / champagne and listen to music and take a few snaps, what's there to stress about?"

"Trust me, you'll look great and feel super-confident about the results"

"If you think about it, we really just need that one fabulous shot, the rest can be total duds and deleted, it's cool"

If that's enough for you, that's wonderful - give me a call on 0414939768 or email me to book a session (I assure you that all the above are absolutely true). But chances are you'll want a little more reassurance than that. If that's the case you may want to come with me on a little journey.


This is me. Well, kinda. It's me but from a couple of years ago now. I look different now - my hair is shorter and back to my natural colour of brown. I'm older. Greyer. I have a few (OK lots) more wrinkles. I few clients have commented "you look different to your headshot" when they arrive at the studio, surprised at who opens the door to welcome them in. This is not a good look!

Why am I still using an old headshot when I am a professional headshot photographer, constantly advocating that people have a current headshot for their profiles?

The answer to the question is: I'm just not headshot ready.

Why am I not headshot ready?

Just like you, I need to feel good about myself before I launch myself into my own studio and point a camera at myself. And that is an extremely complicated challenge for a mere mortal. Don't get me wrong, I feel really good about my ability to launch myself into my studio and point a camera at YOU, no problem there. It's the camera pointing at ME that's the problem.

So I have decided to put myself on a HEADSHOT READY PROGRAM and take you with me, if you are willing. Or if you just want to have a giggle at my efforts, come along for the ride.

I am going to link to a series of Blog Posts as I progress, so you can read whichever one takes your fancy, or whichever one is most relevant for where you at at with this challenge right now. Wish me luck!

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